Ideas to Create an Accent Wall

tips for an accent wall

Accent walls are an excellent means of adding a unique dimension to your home. Such a wall has the potential to create a strong contrast or minor alteration, depending on your particular desires and accent wall ideas. Let's take a look at how to make the perfect accent wall.
Using a different color to accent a wall will certainly make it stand out from the rest of the room. Color choice is of the utmost importance. Since accent walls occupy a comparably small space versus most other painting projects, you might underestimate just how much paint will be required for the job. Be on the safe side by purchasing ample paint for a minimum of two coats.

Finish Matters

Accent wall finishes are just as important as their color. Finish serves to complement the wall's color. Think of it as the icing on the cake. It adds durability and a visual polish that will really boost the wall's visual appeal.

Paint Removal

Slap on a pair of goggles and scrape away the old paint. Wash the surface with TSP and water. Let the washed area dry before proceeding with masking in a straight and even manner.

Fill Those Cracks 

Use a putty knife to apply a patching compound on the holes and cracks along the surface. Once the surface is smooth, let it dry before priming over the patching compound.

Apply Primer 

Primer must be applied to seal the surface and provide results that stand the test of time.


Start the painting process along the trim work before proceeding to the walls. Start with the baseboards and paint in a single direction around the room. Move on to the door trim, window trim and molding. Be sure to remove the tape before the paint is allowed to dry.


Use an angled two-inch brush to “cut”. Cutting is a sequence of short strokes from the wall/ceiling edges that create perfectly clean corner lines.